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Areas of focus

  • Abandonment wound and trust

  • Attachment styles and relational trauma

  • Self sabotaging behaviours 

  • Father and Mother complexes

  • Shadow work

  • Addictive patterns in life and relationships

  • Inner child healing

  • Boundary setting with others and self

  • Somatoform gastrointestinal issues

  • loneliness & inability to connect

  • Mind, body, soul connection

Poppy Flowers

Coaching vs Therapy

In essence, coaching differs from therapy in its focus and approach.

Most therapy delves into exploring past experiences, uncovering psychological issues, with an emphasis on diagnosis, understanding impacts on the present, and promoting the management of symptoms. Usually, a combination of medication and/or various therapeutic techniques and interventions are used.

Coaching, however, is mostly centered around the present and future. A coach may concentrate on helping people achieve specific goals and provide mentoring and support during certain transitions or transformational periods in life or relationships. In coaching, the aim is to empower individuals to learn techniques to introspect, understand their own thought and behavioral patterns, discover their values, strengths, and inner landscape in order to be able to make choices, remove obstacles, and solve problems on their way to achieving their goals and manifesting their purpose.

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