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Trauma Informed Life Coaching


Hello fellow human,

I'm Bita and I'd like to take a moment to appreciate and embrace the curiosity that has brought you here.

I believe that our actions, even the small ones, are driven by some internal force, whether conscious or unconscious, towards higher consciousness, healing, and ultimately wholeness. As humans, we have a fundamental need for connection — to feel seen, understood and experienced and to feel alive in the world. We are driven to bridge the gaps between ourselves, to feel a sense of connection and belonging. These connections are ultimately what help us navigate our way back to who we truly are.


What is attachment and trauma informed coaching?

In trauma and attachment-informed coaching, the focus is on helping the individual create the future that's aligned with their true self. 

It rests on the belief that we are all born whole and uniquely individual, with an innate life purpose. Living an authentic life true to ourselves will relieve us of unconscious and unnecessary suffering and allow our life purpose to manifest through us. 

The aim is to help them understand where they may be suffering and stuck in repeating patterns that don't serve them, due to limiting beliefs, inner resistances, fears, and self-sabotaging behaviors, as a result of early relational attachment wounds with their caregivers and/or complex traumatic experiences due to abuse and/or neglect.

 The ultimate goal here is to help people become all that they are, understand their story, regain the power to make choices that are in tune with them and their life purpose, and create the future they want with the people who are in alignment with them.

 "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fait"
C.G Jung

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